Radically improved revenue and clinical outcomes

Empowering cardiology clinics with cloud-native & AI-driven solutions for enhanced patient care
Optimized in-clinic
and remote monitoring of CIEDs, AECGs, and Wearable devices

Single-point solution for all devices






Holters & Event Monitors


INR, CGM/CBG, BP, Watches

Exceptional Cardiac Clinic Management

A state-of-the-art technology ecosystem that optimizes every aspect – financial, clinical, and educational – of a cardiac rhythm management clinic

Highly configurable platform that emphasizes and synthesizes multi-dimensional information based on clinical significance and physician preferences

User-friendly and easily integratable beyond standards with human-like capabilities, reducing time and cost by over 90%

Visual representation of information with novel analytics and graphics, adjusting to user and patient idiosyncracies in an agile framework

Augmented intelligence with physician feedback to establish best-in-class principles for holistic patient care; collaboration in AI research for advanced science

Leapfrog current standard of care

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Automate data capture from any source

Digitalize and transform unstructured data from multiple sources into an error-free, efficient, and easy-to-use model.

Dramatically reduce time and cost

Streamline complex processes, from clinical notes and reports to scheduling and billing, with cutting-edge technology that saves time and eliminates redundancies

Elevate clinic across the board

Advance patient care and operations with AI technology for highly efficient clinical practices and maximum revenue optimization

The system that excels

“The 91Life partnership has allowed us to take our extensive remote monitoring knowledge and transform it into a cloud based software powerhouse, allowing us to better monitor our clinics’ patients and dramatically increase our staff’s productivity.”

Lauren Maccioli

Executive Director at Ambucor Health Solutions

"91Life is the best medical technology vendor of all time, period!"


New Haven Health System

"The ability to see and process thousands of patients with Heart+ is really seamless."

Dr. Gregory Cogurt, MD, FACC, FHRS

Sansum Clinic

Frequently asked questions

How fast can we start using Heart+?

We have launched a practice from zero to go-live in under three weeks. We launched a multi-site health system from first conversation to production in four months -- during COVID!

How easy is it to start using Heart+?

We are confident that a user will learn at least 90% of the platform functionality within one day of training. Heart+ is highly intuitive and adaptive to users. Because of this, we provide unlimited training at no cost.

How can Heart+ help us optimize our device clinic?

Heart+ has an exceptional ability to adapt to a clinic's workflow and configure usability to match such clinical and operation needs, allowing for highly efficient management of device clinics.  It automates every aspect of data collection, information propagation, note creation, report processing, billing, analytics, patient scheduling, connectivity engagement, and so on.  We make sure that billables are captured at the compliance of 99%+.

How much does it cost?

91Life offers applications and tools that enable efficient clinic management and maximization of revenues.  As a result, we offer the platform as a subscription service in proportion and aligned with clients' shared success.

What would be a good next step to move forward?

We recommend a twenty-minute discussion and platform presentation to see firsthand why Heart+ and 91Life are the future of exceptional technology and service that allow you to leapfrog current patient care and clinical management standards.

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